Student Testimonials


  • I now feel the need to do something about the achievement gap. Experiencing that gap first-hand was a definite factor in making me realize how much must be done, but so did the weekly panelists. Their motivation and dedication to the cause was incredibly inspirational, and learning about how they got to where they are today was very helpful.
  • Working at St. Aloysius School in Harlem was truly an eye-opening experience. On my last day I was surprised to find myself near tears as I said my good-byes. Although I only worked with them for a few weeks, I have grown incredibly attached to the 4th grade class that I taught in. I have already planned my first visit and have started writing my first letter to the class: I am going to be their new pen pal.
  • Further motivation came from the weekly dinners. All of the speakers were incredibly interesting and helpful. I found it especially useful hearing the panelists talk about how they got to where they are today. As a student who is currently trying to figure out her future, I really liked hearing about their paths to their career.
  • What was most interesting to me were the recent alums we got to meet with last night. I am very interested in Teach for America, so getting to speak to people currently teaching in the program was incredibly informational.
  • All in all, I do not think I could have had a better winter study experience anywhere else. I am actually hoping to do the program again next year or my senior year. (Samantha Post)
  • Working as a teaching assistant in a real New York City  public school classroom helped me reach some conclusions and raise new questions about myself and taught me that the best way to learn about teaching is to actually do it. … I have also resolved to become fluent in Spanish because I have learned first hand how valuable clear communication is in the classroom.
  • My experience has further ignited my desire to impact children’s lives by being an educator and a mentor. I want to help change the public school system for the better and give students with potential a chance to accomplish great things both inside and outside of the classroom. I never thought one month would help me define who I am as a college student or what I want to be when I graduate, but I am grateful that the teaching practicum did just that. (Kimberly Middleton ’08)
  • I run out to the corner of 63rd and Central Park West and I’m in bustling, beautiful New York City, late for Richard Green High School for Teaching. I run to the subway and I can take the blue line, A, B, or C. Sometimes the crowd is rowdy, trying to get space on the subway and sometimes the people are dirty and are quite literally crazy. Sometimes the people are just like me–late! (Anna C. Jolly)