AFR 299(S) Rastafari: Dread, Politics and Agency

AFR 299 (S) Rastafari: Dread, Politics and Agency

Professor Neil Roberts

Cross Listed as REL 261, PSCI 233 Offered Spring 2018
IMG_8732The emergence of Rastafari in the twentieth century marked a distinct phase in the theory and practice of political agency. From its heretical roots in Jamaica, Garveyism, Ethiopianism, and Pan-Africanism, Rastafari has evolved from a Caribbean theological movement to an international political actor. This course investigates the political theory of Rastafari in order to develop intellectual resources for theorizing the concept of agency in contemporary Africana thought and political theory. We will analyze texts and audio-visual works on the political economy of late colonial Jamaica, core Rastafari thinking, political theology, the role of reggae music, the notion of agency, and the influence of Rastafari on global politics.