Summer Opportunities

Travel WSPs can be very valuable, but they are limited to a 2-3 week stay. The summer is a great time to do more extensive research. There are a couple of summer opportunities through Williams. First, EPRI offers a 10-week summer internship in Cape Town, South Africa that is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Students can also do research with EPRI in Williamstown during the summertime. For more information, please visit their website.

For student-led and independent projects, the Fellowships Office offers a number of travel and research fellowships. With these fellowships, students are funded to travel and do research during the summer. For more information, please visit their website.

Another opportunity is working with the Konyango Initiative, which is a program that was started by four Williams alumni. Konyango offers a teaching internship in a village in Kenya, and this opportunity is open to undergraduate students. For more information, please visit here. While some of these options are unpaid, the Career Center offers the Alumni Sponsored Internship Program that provides funding for rising Juniors and Seniors through a competitive application process. For more information, visit here.