Helpful Faculty Members for OiA

This is a list of faculty who may be useful resources for finding opportunities to do work or research in Africa. Paula is the head of CLiA and may help to answer any general questions. The rest of the faculty listed here have expertise and/or direct research experience on Africa. There is a ‘World Cloud’ that links to most of the members of the faculty that is updated occasionally, so for a more updated/more specific list click here.


Photo of Paula Consolini
Adam Falk Director of the Center for Learning in Action
Brooks House
Photo of Michelle M. Apotsos
Associate Professor of Art
Lawrence Hall , Rm 219
Photo of Ngonidzashe Munemo
Professor of Political Science, Chair of Global Studies
Stetson Hall , Rm 510
Photo of Katarzyna Pieprzak
Professor of Francophone Literature, French Language, and Comparative Literature, Chair of Arabic Studies
Romance Languages
Hollander Hall , Rm 256
Photo of Eva Grudin
Senior Lecturer in Art, Emerita
Photo of Michael MacDonald
Frederick L. Schuman Professor of International Relations
Schapiro Hall , Rm 239
Photo of Susan Godlonton
Associate Professor of Economics
Schapiro Hall , Rm 316