EPRI Internships & Post Graduate Fellowships

Those interested in post-baccalaureate opportunities to work with the Economic Policy Research Institute (EPRI) should contact EPRI or Professor Michael Samson directly.

If you are interested in interning during the summer as an undergraduate at EPRI, note that although the internship is unpaid, funding is available by applying to the Robert Wilmers 1990 International Internship Fund for support.  Please ensure that your application to EPRI includes the following documents/information and send a completed application to [email protected].  For funding assistance, email the same set of documents to [email protected] for consideration for Wilmers support. Please list “Wilmers” in the message subject line.

  • A 2 (two) page Curriculum Vitae
  • A full transcript of your academic qualifications from each post-high school educational institution you have attended, detailing the courses you have taken and the grades you obtained for those courses (official or unofficial versions accepted)
  • A writing sample of a maximum of 5 (five) pages on a topic of your choosing
  • The dates you would be available to intern at EPRI (specific start date and end date)
  • A 2 (two) page cover letter that outlines what you are able to offer the organisation during your internship and what you expect to accomplish/ gain/ learn on this internship
  • Your personal and contact information.

Kindly note the following regarding the Internship Programme at EPRI:

  • The Internship offers no remuneration.
  • The Internship is based in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • The Internship does not offer any formal assistance with housing.
  • The minimum duration of the internship is 10 (ten) weeks of full-time work.
  • Applications are dealt with on a rolling basis; if you are considering applying at a peak-application time (May-August), try applying as early as possible.

You will receive a confirmation email within a week of submission. If you do not receive this email, please re-submit your application to the same email address.