Norman Rockwell Museum

The Norman Rockwell Museum is dedicated to the enjoyment and study of Rockwell’s work and his contributions to society, popular culture, and social commentary. The Museum houses the world’s largest and most significant collection of Rockwell’s work, including 574 original paintings and drawings. Rockwell’s Stockbridge studio, moved to the Museum site, is open to the public from May through October, and features original art materials, his library, furnishings, and personal items. The Museum also houses the Norman Rockwell Archives, a collection of more than 100,000 items, including working photographs, letters, personal calendars, fan mail, and business documents. The Museum welcomes volunteers/interns in a variety of capacities and posts its volunteer needs as well as available jobs on its website.

9 Glendale Rd / Rte 183
Stockbridge, MA 01262
Human Resources Contact: Holly Coleman ([email protected])
Volunteer Coordinator: [email protected]