Expanded Bus Service in North Berkshire!


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Be part of our transit pilots and help get better bus service for everyone!

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Williams is partnering with the Berkshire Regional Transit Authority (BRTA) in multiple pilots to expand bus service between Williamstown, North Adams and Pittsfield for everyone in North Berkshire.  Williams students, faculty and staff can ride FREE (when showing Williams ID) as they travel to volunteer, work, shop or just explore the Route 2 and Route 7 corridors into North Adams and Pittsfield! The specific routes in this pilot are listed below. For bus schedule, route maps and fare information, go to the BRTA website at berkshirerta.com.  Consolidated schedules are listed below.

If ridership keeps increasing, we will be able to make the case for more and better service in our region. Students, faculty and staff can help by taking the bus often and providing feedback, both on this site and in person to the “Bus with Us” planning group.  Help us move quickly up the learning curve and double our ridership by the end of this year!  Check this site and WSO for updates, promotions and other ways you can help.

Many thanks!

The Bus with Us Planning Group:

Paula Consolini, Director of the Center for Learning in Action
Amy Johns, Director, Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives
Jennifer Swoap, Coordinator, Williams Elementary Outreach
Wendy Penner, Northern Berkshire Community Coalition & Williamstown Cool Committee
Chris LeFlore ’16

Pilot Specifics:

1.  Route #3.1 Special (Route 2 Corridor) Expansion Service– Begun in Fall 2012, this weekday bus (added to the regular #3 Service between Williamstown and North Adams) runs at the bottom of the hour (11:30am-4:30pm) to increase service frequency.  2016-2017 service began on September 6, 2016 and runs through May 19, 2017.

2.  Route #7 (Route 7) Service– This new bus service runs roughly every 2 hours from Stop & Shop to downtown Pittsfield (Intermodal Center) with a mid-day gap.  The bus will drop and pick up passengers at the Berkshire Mall when requested.

Williams students, faculty and staff ride free (when showing Williams ID) on all the north Berkshire routes (#1, #3, #3.1, #7, #31/33).  For main schedules, route maps and other transit information go to:  http://www.berkshirerta.com/schedules.php

Smartphone users can use a new app to follow the BRTA bus. Here’s how:


From the FREE marketplace, install the RouteShout application.  Using your phone’s GPS location, this application will list nearby stops and provide the next available bus time.

Or from your phone’s browser application:

1. Type in: m.routeshout.com
2. Choose RouteShout, then from the transit agency listing at the bottom of the page, locate the Berkshire Regional Transit Authority in Massachusetts
3. From the main menu, choose either route, address, or “locate me”
4. If you chose route, click on the route number, then your stop, for the next available bus time