Learning to Think Like an Owner

What happened at Marland?

Early on, Marland began educating its employees in how the business was run: [See section 11:45-13:25 of the Breaking the Mold video]

Marland not only included frontline workers on its board of directors but also opened up its board meetings to employee observers

What are others doing or have done?

The authors of EQUITY report some of the techniques used in other employee-owned companies: ” One technique for establishing a culture of ownership is simply to share large amounts of information about the business and its operations, including much of the financial data to which investor owners are traditionally privy and that senior managers use to run the business. Nearly all of the smaller companies we studied hold monthly all-hands meetings to review key financial figures and other issues of concerns. Nearly all publish the numbers in newsletters or reports to their employees…Note, however, that simply sharing consolidated financials at the corporate level once a quarter, in the manner of public companies, is not sufficient. What’s important is that employees see the operational financials-plant, office or store-level-that managers use to make decisions.” (p. 36)

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