Breaking the Mold

This website opens up the world of workplace democracy through a case study and simulation.  It can be used either as a curriculum supplement or a learning tool for anyone curious about economic democracy.

It opens with basic definitions and the story of the employee buyout of Marland Mold, a Pittsfield, Massachusetts plastics moldmaking company.

Following the Marland buyout story, there are three sets of  lessons providing  the chance to “try your hand”  at being an employee owner.  Simply follow the  on-screen guidance  and you will explore the following issues:

  • Cooperative decision making
    • How does a company handle the tradeoff between getting employee input and getting things done?
  • Learning to think like an owner
    • Research has shown that a financial stake in one’s company is not enough to change employee attitudes. To be successful, management has to be up to the task of creating a new culture.
  • Shepherding innovation
    • How do “Equity” companies get people to work smarter?

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