During their Offshore Voyage Field seminar, the ten-day sailing expedition at the start of the semester, the Spring 2012 class spent a day ashore to explore the Dry Tortugas National Park. Here the students absorbed the history of Fort Jefferson, the largest all-masonry fort built in the mid-nineteenth century to protect the United States, and snorkeled within the marine sanctuary to view the biodiversity of the Florida Keys first-hand.

This field seminar exploring the Atlantic Ocean is just one of the three expeditions that Williams-Mystic students participate in during their Ocean Studies semester. The program also travels to the Pacific and Gulf coasts, where the students journey alongside their professors to understand the science of the region and spirit of the local communities. The students use four lenses—history, literature, policy, and science—to understand the bigger picture and the importance of the world’s oceans to society today.

For more information on the field seminars, academic curriculum, and everyday life at Williams-Mystic, check out the program’s Viewbook here!