EOS Mentoring for At-Risk Youth

Student Leaders: Halle Schweizer, Sophie Torres, and Michael Crisci
Faculty/Staff Adviser/Supervisor: Paula Consolini
Meeting Time/Place: Variable,  2-3 sessions per week on site at Eagle Street Academy in Pittsfield

In this paid work opportunity, EOS mentors work with at-risk high school students in the Eagle Street Academy alternative education program of the Pittsfield Public Schools (PPS).  After orientation and training with PPS teachers and specialists, mentors tutor the teens in writing and math, provide workshops (eg., re: job applications) to help students acquire real-world skills. In addition, the EOS team organizes special enrichment and cultural activities including holiday activities and field trips to Williams College and local cultural institutions.  Those interested should contact one of the student leaders or CLIA Director Paula Consolini.