Student Leaders: John Velez Faculty/Staff Adviser: Christopher Goh Meeting Time/Place: Wednesdays at 5:30 PM, Paresky 112 The purpose of the organization is to promote the mission of SACNAS at the local and national level to offer educational and professional development resources and opportunities to students. We want to foster not only… Continue reading »

Hats for the Homeless

Student Leaders: Jane Tekin Faculty/Staff Adviser: Tracy Finnegan Meeting Time/Place: TBD Hats for the Homeless is an organization in which students use fiber arts to engage with the Berkshires. We knit and crochet hats, scarves, and other warm gear for homeless shelters in local communities in an effort to encourage engagement… Continue reading »

Harrison Morgan Brown Pre-Health Society

Student Leaders: Donglin Zhang Faculty/Staff Adviser: Barbara Fuller Meeting Time/Place: Tuesday evenings, Paresky 1. Organizes activities, trips, and events that will help Williams students to cultivate their passion for medicine. 2. Consolidates sources of information about the field of health care, including speakers and health care professionals, to help Williams students… Continue reading »

EOS Mentoring for At-Risk Youth

Student Leaders: Halle Schweizer, Sophie Torres, and Michael Crisci Faculty/Staff Adviser/Supervisor: Paula Consolini Meeting Time/Place: Variable,  2-3 sessions per week on site at Eagle Street Academy in Pittsfield In this paid work opportunity, EOS mentors work with at-risk high school students in the Eagle Street… Continue reading »

Bread and Roses

Student Leaders: Wylie Thornquist Faculty/Staff Adviser: Shanti Singham Meeting Time/Place: Wednesdays in Environmental Center Bread and Roses is a student organization interested in bringing discussions of labor rights and organizing to campus, by engaging with existing labor movements in the Berkshire area and learning about labor history more broadly. We organize… Continue reading »

Williams Forum

Student Leaders: Christian Maloney Faculty/Staff Adviser: Carrie Greene Meeting Time/Place: Mondays The Williams Forum is a nonpartisan organization that promotes academic discourse and debate. We bring in speakers to talk about important issues, either local or national, and organize on-campus debates that involve both students and the faculty. Our goal is… Continue reading »


Student Leaders: Christopher Ochoa Faculty/Staff Adviser: Corinna Campbell Meeting Time/Place: Three times a week at 6:30 PM, Greylock or Perry Library ¡Vive! organizes and performs music of the Latinx diaspora, through regular practice of the vocal and instrumental skills of a diverse group students. By the presentation of and interaction with… Continue reading »

Students of Caribbean Ancestry

Student Leaders: Alice Obas Faculty/Staff Adviser: Ceci Del Sid Meeting Time/Place: Sundays at Rice House SoCA bridges between the Caribbean, the Williams College community, and all who are interested in Caribbean culture. We are a forum for those who are involved to interact, share, and learn about Caribbean cultures. We organize… Continue reading »

Concussed Cows

Student Leaders: Ellyn Pier Faculty/Staff Adviser: Noah Sandstrom Meeting Time/Place: Paresky To provide support for students recovering from concussions and to help the college implement the best possible practices in concussion management. Our group will be a way for those struggling with concussions to connect with other students so that they… Continue reading »

Students for Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue

Student Leaders: Hannah Goldstein Faculty/Staff Adviser: Seth Wax Meeting Time/Place: Potentiall Griffin 3 The Israeli-Palestinian conflict/occupation is full of nuance. We value discourse and feel that there is a gap in campus conversations. Our goal is to create more open dialogue, education, and compassion within the community about this conflict. We… Continue reading »


Student Leaders: Elizabeth Webber Faculty/Staff Adviser: Sarah Raymond Meeting Time/Place: Williamstown Elementary School We hope to teach young girls about nutrition, teamwork and the negative and unrealistic expectations of women’s bodies in the media. We found a lot of success doing this last year, and I hope to continue the… Continue reading »

Williams Secular Community

Student Leaders: Coly Elhai ([email protected]) Faculty/Staff Adviser: Colin Adams Meeting Time/Place: Tuesdays 6 PM, Paresky The purpose of the group is to build an inclusive community of agnostics, atheists, and all skeptics to socialize and connect in a variety of ways. We also aim to create a safe, non-religious space for… Continue reading »

Williams Outing Club

Student Leaders: Jonathan Hall Faculty/Staff Adviser: Scott Lewis Meeting Time/Place: Tuesdays at 7 PM, Matt Cole Reading Room (CES) WOC offers a wide variety of events, trips, and activities throughout the year, including regular sunrise hikes, polar bear swims, campouts, indoor climbing, and PE classes–as well as many longer trips and… Continue reading »

Williams Insight

Student Leaders: Michael Rury ([email protected]) Faculty/Staff Adviser: Kenneth Kuttner Meeting Time/Place: Thursdays in upstairs Paresky, biweekly Williams Insight is a financial publication in which interested students can submit and publish their views on various macroeconomic and microeconomic financial matters. The publication is in the format of a blog that sends out… Continue reading »

Williams Environmental Council

Student Leaders: Elizabeth Bigham Faculty/Staff Adviser: Sarah Gardner Meeting Time/Place: Tuesdays at 9:30 PM, Zilkha Center The Williams Environmental Council works to make the campus and student body more environmentally friendly and conscious through events and campaigns targeting specific environmental issues we’re facing as a community. Particular problems that have been… Continue reading »

Williams College Jewish Association

Student Leaders: Rachel Levin Faculty/Staff Adviser: Seth Wax Meeting Time/Place: Wednesdays at 9 PM, Jewish Religion Center The Williams College Jewish Association serves all Jewish students, faculty and staff on campus, although we also welcome non-Jews to every event. We provide religious, social and cultural programs that relate to Judaism. Continue reading »

Williams College Feminist Collective

Student Leaders: Rachel Jones ([email protected]) Faculty/Staff Adviser: Angela Wu Meeting Time/Place: Wednesdays at 6 PM The Williams College Feminist Collective strives to create a forum for intersectional feminist issues, both in the context of Williams and the outside community. By creating an inclusive and productive space we hope to question dominant… Continue reading »

Campus Democrats

Student Leader: Argenis Herrera Faculty/Staff Adviser: James Mahon Meeting Time/Place: Wednesday 4PM, Hollander 317 The purpose of our organization is to give Williams students and members of the community a platform through which they can discuss and advance their political views. We hope to learn from one another in… Continue reading »

Williams Animal Awareness Group

Student Leaders: Meadhbh Ginnane Faculty/Staff Adviser: Paula Consolini Meeting Time/Place: Paresky The goals of WAAG are to help animals in need within the community, be better informed and facilitate thoughtful discussion of issues concerning animals, and help people engage in activities which may relieve stress. Students can volunteer with Bonnie Lea… Continue reading »


Student Leaders: Nicholas Gardner ([email protected]) Faculty/Staff Adviser: Mike Evans Meeting Time/Place: Tuesdays 8 PM in Zilkha Center At Williams, members of thinkFOOD work in student groups and dining committees to make the food Williams eats more environmentally and socially sustainable. We’ve worked with our primary food purveyors and worked to… Continue reading »

Students for Justice in Palestine

Student Leaders: Eliza Klein Faculty/Staff Adviser: Shanti Singham Meeting Time/Place: Thursdays at 9 PM, Zilkha Center Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is a club that organizes around the occupation of Palestine and advocates for Palestinian human rights. Through campus events, teach-ins, workshops, film screenings, art installations, guest speakers, op-eds, and… Continue reading »

Student Veterans Association

Student Leaders: Landon Merchant Faculty/Staff Adviser: Rachel Bukanc Meeting Time/Place: As needed The Williams College SVA is a professional and academic organization for student veterans at Williams College. We help veteran students navigate life at Williams, find veteran-specific opportunities and resources off-campus, and engage with community, faculty, and staff veterans. This… Continue reading »


Student Leaders: Chris Avila Faculty/Staff Adviser: Bilal Ansari Meeting Time/Place:  Storytime: Sundays at 9 PM in Upstairs Paresky Storytime is a place to build community around diversity through vulnerability and compassion. In the past, the event has occurred weekly in upstairs Paresky on Sunday at 9pm with a speaker that shares… Continue reading »


Student Leaders: Shadae McClean Faculty/Staff Adviser: Shawna Patterson-Stephens Meeting Time/Place: Thursdays at 5 PM, Zilkha Center The main purpose of Sisterhood is to empower its members, instill a sense of unity, navigate the world as a double minority and help support those who identify as a black female in the… Continue reading »


Student Leaders: Nicholas Madamidola Faculty/Staff Adviser: Sandra Burton Meeting Time/Place: M-Th and Sat, ’62 Center Sankofa is a group that performs regularly on campus. We pride ourselves in accepting students from all different backgrounds and cultures, its what makes us who we are. We also step at School events such as… Continue reading »

Ritmo Latino

Student Leaders: Nicolle Vittini Cabral Faculty/Staff Adviser: Mike Bodnarik Meeting Time/Place: Twice a week in a pre-approved dance studio space Ritmo focuses on sharing Latin American history and culture with the campus through dance and music. We hold our own performances, campus-wide dance lessons, and sometimes perform and student lead events. Continue reading »


Student Leaders: Onyeka Obi Faculty/Staff Adviser: April Ruiz Meeting Time/Place: Hollander 101 The primary purpose of the Williams QuestBridge Scholars Network is to provide a coherent support system for entering and continuing QuestBridge-affiliated Scholars at Williams College. However, while the Williams QSN functions as a place of support for low-income and… Continue reading »

No Lost Generation

Student Leaders: Emma Lezberg Faculty/Staff Adviser: Colin Ovitsky Meeting Time/Place: Weekly No Lost Generation – Williams College (NLG) is the campus chapter of a national group supporting and advocating for refugees and immigrants. Our current focus is working with schools and local organizations to educate our campus and community about… Continue reading »

Muslim Student Union

Student Leaders: Seynabou Diop Faculty/Staff Adviser: Sharif Rosen Meeting Time/Place: Fridays 8PM, Thompson Memorial Chapel MCR Williams MSU serves both the Muslim community on campus and those interested in learning about Islam. We seek to foster a welcoming based on faith and friendship open to all who identify as or with… Continue reading »


Student Leaders: Brenda Xu Faculty/Staff Adviser: Caroline Bruno Meeting Time/Place: Friday evening, Zilkha Center kitchen Moo-mami teaches members of the community useful cooking techniques and immerses them in the process of raising money for charity. Organization participants will learn and become comfortable with a variety of cooking techniques, thereby acquiring a… Continue reading »

Great Ideas Committee

Student Leaders: Luke Baumann ([email protected]) Meeting Time/Place: College Council Suite, time according to members’ schedule The Great Ideas Committee solicits ideas from the community to improve student life at Williams. These ideas can be conveniences (such as installing water fountains or buying chargers for the library), policy changes, improved communication… Continue reading »

Gospel Choir

Student Leaders: Grace Kromm Faculty/Staff Adviser: Avery Sharpe Meeting Time/Place: Tuesdays 6-8PM and Fridays 5-7PM in Bernhard Room 30 The Williams College Gospel Choir is a Christian-based, student-led group that worships God through song and prayer. The goal of Gospel Choir is to foster love and compassion among the members… Continue reading »

Frosh Council

Student Leaders: Mike Ludwig ([email protected]) Faculty/Staff Adviser: Ellen Rogeau Meeting Time/Place: Weekly in Hopkins Hall Frosh Council is a student-elected committee that meets weekly and plans events and functions for First Years. For instance, we held Frosh Formal this past January and designed and sold class apparel. Continue reading »

Friendly Visitors

Student Leaders: Selin Gumustop Faculty/Staff Adviser: Sharif Rosen Meeting Time/Place: Sundays 2-3 at Williams Commons The main purposes of this organization are to guide Williams College students through the application process of volunteering at Williamstown Commons Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and or Sweet Brook Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, provide transportation… Continue reading »

Effective Altruism

Student Leaders: Will Turett Faculty/Staff Adviser: Sarah Jacobson Meeting Time/Place: Mondays 5-7PM EA @ Williams aims to build a community of “effective altruists” — people who apply strategy and creativity to maximize their positive impact on the world — at Williams College. By serving as a forum to discuss effective… Continue reading »

Divest Williams

Student Leaders: Isabelle Furman ([email protected]) Faculty/Staff Adviser: Shanti Singham Meeting Time/Place: Wednesdays 9 PM in Zilkha Center Divest Williams seeks to build and foster a movement around divestment of the college’s endowment from fossil fuels; in this work, we aim also to undermine the entire extractive economy. Through this work,… Continue reading »


Student Leaders: Emmie Hine ([email protected]) Faculty/Staff Adviser: Paula Consolini Meeting Time/Place: Thursday evenings in Paresky Once a month, Dinnertime gathers and cooks dinner together for anyone who wants to come. Every dinner has a theme (past themes include Terrific Tubers, Pi Day, and Green Foods) and is vegetarian. Everyone is… Continue reading »

Coalition for Immigrant Student Advancement

Student Leaders: Vanessa Quevedo Faculty/Staff Adviser: Ninah Pretto Meeting Time/Place: Thursdays 7PM, Zilkha Center CISA aims to achieve administrative progress and create a campus consciousness around immigrant issues. We hope to improve college policies to better address the needs of immigrant and mixed-status family students. We also want to foster… Continue reading »

Circle of Women

Student Leaders: Ariana Romeo Faculty/Staff Adviser: Magnus Bernhardsoon Meeting Time/Place: Weekly on Sundays Circle of Women (CoW) is a national nonprofit organization–run completely by students–that provides the necessary resources to girls around the world who are pursuing an education. As such, our focus is primarily abroad. The organization partners up… Continue reading »

Chinese American Students Organization

Student Leaders: Will Huang Faculty/Staff Adviser: Bilal Ansari Meeting Time/Place: Mondays 6PM, Paresky The Chinese American Student Organization will bring to the Williams College community a sense of awareness of the Chinese culture through public events that reflect important aspects of this culture as deemed appropriate by tradition and relevance. This… Continue reading »

Black Student Union

Student Leaders: Alia Richardson Faculty/Staff Adviser: Bilal Ansari Meeting Time/Place: Sundays 2PM, Rice House Our primary objective is to proactively engage the Black community, provide a holistic support system for Black students at Williams, and adapt the structure of BSU to changing campus needs. We aim to make BSU an organization… Continue reading »

Black STEM Association

Student Leaders: Joseph Wilson Faculty/Staff Adviser: Christopher Goh Meeting Time/Place: Biweekly meetings in Rice House The Black STEM Student Association (BSTEM) aims to create a safe and supportive space in which minorities in the sciences are encouraged to continue their studies and can freely and directly speak of their experiences in… Continue reading »

Berkshire Doula Project

Student Leaders: Sophie Torres Faculty/Staff Adviser: Kim Gutschow Meeting Time/Place: Thursday 7PM, location TBD We are a student-run, volunteer collective on campus that addresses doula work, abortion, and the reproductive justice needs of Williams College and our surrounding community. Our vision is to create a society in which all people with… Continue reading »

Association for Women in Mathematics

Student Leaders: Amina Diop Faculty/Staff Adviser: Chad Topaz Meeting Time/Place: To be determined We are the Williams College student chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) established in 2014 in response to the lack of existing structures or programming for women in math and the discrimination that went unnoticed… Continue reading »

Asian American Students in Action (AASiA)

Student Leaders: Audrey Koh Faculty/Staff Adviser: Bilal Ansari Meeting Time/Place: Zilkha Center, Thursdays at 7 PM Based on our belief that the various interests of the Asian American organizations on campus are often interrelated, Asian American Students in Action, as the coalition between CASO, KOW, NASU, SASA, and VSO, is committeed… Continue reading »

Hats for the Homeless

Knit warm hats for a local homeless shelter to alleviate some of the brutalities of winter. Not  only do you learn to create fiber arts, but you can also make one more person in our community a bit warmer during the long winter months. All the materials would be supplied by… Continue reading »

Two Dollar Challenge

Attempt to experience what it may mean to live in poverty by living for three days on two dollars a day in a makeshift shelter with a group of Williams students and trained professors. In addition to experiencing the physical hardship of living on an extremely limited budget, engage in… Continue reading »

Community Health Programs

The Community Health Programs include: Barrington OB/GYN Dental Centers Family Services First Steps Health Center Lee Family Practice Neighborhood Health Center Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program… Continue reading »

CHP Lee Family Center

11 Quarry Hill Road Lee, MA 01238 413-243-0536 Hours: Monday and Wednesday from 7:30am-6:30pm Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 7:30am-5:00pm… Continue reading »

CHP Health Center

444 Stockbridge Road Great Barrington, MA 01230 413-528-8580 Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:30am-6:00pm Thursday from 7:15am-6:00pm Friday from 7:30am-5:00pm… Continue reading »

CHP First Steps

Parents may call us directly at (413) 644-0104 or may be referred by pediatricians, health care providers, social service agencies, medical centers, childcare providers and other professionals involved with families of young children. All children living in Massachusetts between birth and age three are entitled to a developmental assessment at… Continue reading »

CHP Family Services

442 Stockbridge Road Great Barrington, MA 01230 413-644-0104 Hours: Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm  … Continue reading »

CHP Dental Centers

343 Main Street-Rear Great Barrington, MA 01230 413-528-5565 Hours: Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:30pm, Saturday from 9:00am – 4:00pm… Continue reading »

CHP Barrington OB/GYN

East Mountain Medical Building 780 Main Street Great Barrington, MA 01230 413-528-1470 Hours: Monday-Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm    … Continue reading »

Bennington Area AIDS Project

Information and referral in all areas dealing with HIV/AIDS, errand service, buddy program, hospital equipment, transportation, subsidized housing for persons with AIDS on SSI, home care, financial support, and local support groups for persons with AIDS and their families and friends. 342 Main Street P.O. Box 4264 Bennington,… Continue reading »

Williamstown Chamber of Commerce & Williams Rep

A non-profit organization made up of member businesses, agencies, and institutions whose work together to promote Williamstown as a place to live, work, and play. Williamstown Chamber of Commerce 7 Denison Park Drive Williamstown, MA 01267 413.458.9077 Kerry Koehler ’13 and Olivia Wang ’14 spent Summer 2012… Continue reading »

Entrepreneurship @ Williams

There are both curricular and extracurricular entrepreneurship learning opportunities at Williams! Students can take a 2013 winter study course to help develop their entrepreneurial skills: ECON 12 Turning Inspiration into a Business-Understanding the Business Plan  or ECON 17 Social Entrepreneurship: Innovating in… Continue reading »

Business Counseling

BUSINESS COUNSELING 1) MASSACHUSETTS SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER NETWORK ( Berkshire County Satellite Office 413-499-0933 75 North Street Suite 360 Pittsfield, MA 01201 Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. The Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network provides free and confidential one-on-one management counseling services to new and… Continue reading »

Budget Counseling

BUDGET COUNSELING 1) CONSUMER CREDIT COUNSELING SERVICE OF SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND 489 Whitney Ave, 3rd floor 1-800-282-6196 Holyoke, MA 01040 34 Depot Street, 2nd floor Pittsfield, MA 01201 Hours: Call for appointment. Some evening and Saturday hours available at both locations. Education and counseling services… Continue reading »

Blind/Visual Impairment

BLIND/VISUAL IMPAIRMENT 1) BERKSHIRE BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION FOR THE BLIND P.O. Box 778 413-499-0207 Pittsfield, MA 01202 Socialization and support group for the legally blind of Berkshire County; some limited financial assistance for its members. Holds monthly meetings with occasional speakers. (2003 Berkshire United Way listing) 2) BERKSHIRE TALKING CHRONICLE c/o… Continue reading »

Assistive Technology

ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY 1) EASTER SEALS MASSACHUSETTS ( 484 Main Street, 6th Floor 508-757-2756 Worcester, MA 01608 Offers the following services to disabled persons throughout Massachusetts: Technology for Independence program, rehabilitation services, disability resource information, job training and employment, camp, and advocacy. 2) MASSACHUSETTS COMMISSION FOR THE BLIND 436 Dwight Street… Continue reading »


ALCOHOLISM/SUBSTANCE ABUSE 1) ADCARE HOSPITAL OF WORCESTER, INC. ( Community Services Department 1-800-345-3552 107 Lincoln Street (24 hour helpline) 1-800-252-6465 (1-800-ALCOHOL) Worcester, MA 01605 TTY 508-798-9946 Office hours: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Service hours: 24 hours/7 days Comprehensive adult chemical dependency treatment center provides inpatient, outpatient, day treatment, aftercare, evening treatment,… Continue reading »

Habitat For Humanity – OLD

Habitat for Humanity is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe and affordable housing for all people. Williams students may work with Habitat for Humanity as field work during the semester, for credit during Winter Study, or potentially as a summer internship, funding for which… Continue reading »


During their Offshore Voyage Field seminar, the ten-day sailing expedition at the start of the semester, the Spring 2012 class spent a day ashore to explore the Dry Tortugas National Park. Here the students absorbed the history of Fort Jefferson,… Continue reading »


HIV/AIDS ORGANIZATIONS 1) AIDS PROJECT OF SOUTHERN VERMONT P.O. Box 4264 359 Main St. Bennington, VT 802-447-8007 Contact: Rose Rahilly, Program Associate , [email protected] The AIDS Project of Southern Vermont provides (1) direct services (food supplements, testing) to those whose lives are affected by HIV/AIDS and (2) education about HIV/AIDs… Continue reading »


ADOPTION 1) ADOPTION RESOURCE CENTER AT BRIGHTSIDE (Berkshire County Office) 480 West Street 413-496-9491 Pittsfield, MA 01201 Birth Parent Hotline (Toll Free) 1-877-777-7774 E-mail: [email protected] Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., with flexible extended hours to meet individuals’ needs. Comprehensive adoption services for birth parents, children, and adoptive parents,… Continue reading »

Adolescent Services

ADOLESCENT SERVICES 1) BERKSHIRE CENTER FOR FAMILIES AND CHILDREN 480 West Street 413-448-8281 Pittsfield, MA 01201 1-888-742-7443 (toll free) Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. (Child care opens at 7:30 a.m.) Offers a wide range of support services to vulnerable children and their families. BCFC… Continue reading »


ORGANIZATIONS WHICH ASSIST VICTIMS OF ABUSE/NEGLECT 1) BERKSHIRE COUNTY KIDS’ PLACE & VIOLENCE PREVENTION CENTER, INC. 63 Wendell Avenue 413-499-2800 Pittsfield, MA 01201 Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Berkshire County Kids’ Place and Violence Prevention… Continue reading »

AP Chemistry Labs

Mt. Greylock High School Chemistry teacher Scott Burdick and Williams Chemistry Professor Jay Thoman lead an AP Chemistry Lab. As part of the Science Outreach program through the Williams Center at Mount Greylock, Williams students can assist local high school teachers, working in collaboration with Williams professors,… Continue reading »

The Berkshire Museum

The mission of the Berkshire Museum is to enrich, inspire, and educate through interactions with the arts, history and the natural world. The Museum serves audiences of all ages by acquiring, preserving, exhibiting and interpreting objects of art, history, and natural science. The Museum welcomes help in a variety of… Continue reading »